Primed for Success: Epoxy Primers for High Performance Flooring

PR Epoxy Primers - Discover the Range

Amongst its range of epoxy and polyurethane flooring products and pigment pastes sits PR Epoxy Systems’ range of high performance epoxy primers; a range of tack coats, substrate sealers, oil-resistant membranes and DPMs.

The collection of priming products is designed to provide an undercoating solution for various scenarios prior to the installation of epoxy floor coating materials.

PR Epoxy DPM Primer, for example, is ideally suited to application prior to overcoating with resin finishes on concrete, cement and other substrates with up to 98% relative humidity, while PR Solvent Free Epoxy Primer (Oil Tolerant) provides an effective membrane against residual oil contamination on concrete substrates prior to epoxy or polyurethane coating materials being installed.

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