New Look Technical Data for New Look Website!

PR Epoxy - New Look Technical Data for New Look Website

PR Epoxy Systems has launched its range of new-look technical product data sheets, all hosted online at

In line with our core values of Quality and Innovation, we’ve enhanced the product data to be more comprehensive as well as easier to navigate, with the aim of allowing resin flooring applicators to more easily access the technical information they need at a glance.

Provided in PDF format, and easily accessed on PR Epoxy Systems’ brand new fully responsive website, the full catalogue of technical product data sheets can be opened on desktop, laptop, tablets and handheld devices, meaning they can be read on the fly — even on site if required!

Featuring technical performance properties, including coverage rates, working time, storage conditions and shelf life as well as many other significant product-related details, in a handy side bar, the latest information sheets make it quick and easy for readers to ascertain the properties of each of our products.

Also included in each sheet are application guidelines outlining the best-practice installation techniques for each product, and key product advantages to help users easily identify which product is right for their project.

Visit the Downloads page to see and download the full range of product data sheets.