For optimum performance we recommend that all of PR Epoxy Systems' floor toppings are used with specially formulated PR Epoxy Primers. We produce solvent free, water dispersible, solvent based and polyurethane based primer systems and these each have advantages to their respective coatings. All of the primers can be used as low cost un-pigmented seal coats and will protect floors against oil, petrol, water and a wide range of other chemicals. They also stop the emission of dust from the floor.

The primers we produce are:

PR Solvent Free Primer: This is based on a blend of epoxy resin and curing agent binder giving low viscosity characteristics necessary to wet the substrate, giving good penetration properties. PR Solvent Free Primer is designed for use on a variety of substrates. The substrate is primed prior to the application of PR Solvent Free Coating, PR Self Leveling Flooring System No. 2, PR Screed System or PR Patch Repair System;

PR Water Dispersible Anti-Static Epoxy Primer: This product is used as a conductive layer prior to the application of solvent free and water dispersible epoxy coatings. It contains no solvents therefore has low odour and is not inflammable;

PR Solvent Based Epoxy-Zinc Phosphate Primer: This high performance primer is designed for use on many surfaces i.e. aluminium, galvanizing, steelwork, concrete and many plastic surfaces including GRP and Phenolic sheeting. This primer has also extensively been used for ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces within the transport and for steel, concrete, water, chemical and fuel storage tanks;

P.R. Epoxy DPM System: This is used to form a surface damp proof membrane which is moisture vapour suppressant and is ideal for fast track building purposes etc. It is a solvent free flexible epoxy system, containing wetting agents, penetrants, flow agents and defoamers to maximise penetration and adhesion and to minimise pinholes;

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