All PR Epoxy Systems pigmented flooring products are readily available in any of our standard colours unless otherwise specified. Our standard colours are those shown in the list of colours available in Pigment Paste Dispersions. Orders can be produced to match any colour, but there may be a minimum order quantity and additional premium.


All coatings can be applied using a brush or roller. The coatings we produce are:

PR Solvent Free Epoxy Coating: This is suitable for use where a hard wearing, dust free, hygienic and easy to clean floor topping is required. It is very widely used on industrial or commercial floors in laboratories, showrooms, schools, plant rooms, the food industry and in other areas where a very low odour level is required. PR Solvent Free Epoxy Coating - High Build is used for line markings in the pictures below;

Picture courtesy of TJ Wareing Picture courtesy of TJ Wareing

PR Solvent Based Epoxy Coating: This gives slightly better penetration and a more tougher cure than PR Solvent Free Coating. The cured coating is attractive and dust free and provides resistance to a wide range of chemicals and industrial traffic. Suitable locations would include warehouses, light industrial factories, garages and workshops etc. It can be used on floors and walls.

PR Water Dispersable Epoxy Coating: This is suitable for use as an economical protection to concrete surfaces in a wide range of locations such as dairies, abattoirs, food preparation areas and factories. In addition, this product provides an ideal swimming pool coating for rendered pools giving longer life and high wear resistance. The product has very little odour and can be used on substrates where the moisture level is high. It is suitable for either floors or walls.

PR Self-levelling Flooring System No.2: This system is a blend of epoxy resin and curing agent binder which gives low viscosity characteristics necessary to wet fine graded aggregates and give good levelling properties. This easily mixed system provides a 2mm – 4mm thick floor topping that is very hard wearing, dust free, hygienic and easy to clean. This system is widely used on industrial and commercial floors and in laboratories, showrooms, schools, plant rooms and food factories;

PR Epoxy Screed System: This system is the hardest wearing of floor coverings. It provides a resin rich seamless flooring system which has been specially developed to meet the growing demand for a non-porous, dust free non-slip and easily cleaned floor topping.

Floor Screed and Coving

P.R. Pitch Epoxy System: This is used predominantly where a waterproofing membrane is required on concrete floors. P.R. Pitch Epoxy System can also be used, by the incorporation of a non slip aggregate, as a hard wearing floor seal for Roll on Roll off ferries, and heavy industrial use. P.R. Pitch Epoxy System can also be used for the protection of metals from corrosion.

Case Study:

Substrate Preparation
Application of PR Solvent Free Primer

First Application of
PR Solvent Free Coating
Second Application of
PR Solvent Free Coating

Pictures courtesy of Floor Tec

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